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veritas51795 wrote in lincolnstamps
Name: Anna
Age: 17

Favorite State: Ohio
MBTI or other personality type: INFJ
Good traits: Friendly, fun, dedicated, loyal, passionate.
Bad traits: Impatient, sensitive
Talents: Politics, Singing, Public Speaking
Hobbies: Ballroom/Latin Dance
Are you studious or playful?: Both
Are you stubborn or a pushover?: Stubborn
Lead or follow: Lead
Optimist or Pessimist: Optimist
Silly or Serious: Depends
Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert
Compromise or fight for lost cause?: Fight for a lost cause!!

What would you do if you were in government, and you strongly opposed a bill the people supported? I would explain to my constituents why I voted the way I did...but I wouldn't go against my conviction.
what would you do if you were speaker of the house, and had to decide a close election between a guy you like and a guy you do not like (who has more votes): Be honest. I want nothing to do with corruption even if it is in my favor.
where do you stand on states rights? I'm a 10th Amendment Girl :)
pet issue?: National Security
What would you do if you were dying, but needed to express your views in the senate?: Head over to the Senate :)
would you feel comfortable standing alone? Yes!! Stand for what's right even if you stand alone!

Anything else?: God bless the USA! <3

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